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Renting a car is an easy way of commuting if one does not have a personal vehicle. In today's fast world, renting a car has become a quick and easy process. But there are also several precautions that a renter should follow before renting a car. Car renting sometimes may cause certain problems as common people do not have much knowledge on the car rental procedures. Here are some tips to make car renting easier:

* Make a research on car renting by comparing the fares and facilities offered by various rental companies. This can be done by browsing their websites.

* Make a list of all the queries before making a call to the car rental company. Write down the price, car availability, taxes, surcharges, or 'additional charges'.

* Also, contact the local car dealer on phone as some times they might have some special packages that are not updated online.

* Be aware of the fact that car rent varies with the car segment. Hence, it is advisable to rent a small car than a luxury one as small cars are fuel economical and also have less rental charge.

* Remember that there are separate clauses for driving the car out of your state. Make sure to take a detail of the same from the car rental company to avoid any future conflicts.

* Make a note of all the do's & don'ts before you finalize the booking.

* It is very important to get all the points clarified before making the booking because ignorance can lead to a fat bill after the journey.

* Do not forget to examine the car thoroughly for minute details like scratches and missing or broken accessories before renting it.

* Car rental companies always give the car with a full tank and it is also necessary to return the car with a filled tank.

* Return the car to the agency on time because you may have to end up paying extra charge, even if the car is returned late by a couple of hours.

Remember it is always advisable to rent a car from a suburban location to cut down extra expenses. is India's first car portal that provides 360 exterior and interior car animations. Get New Cars and Used Car Prices in India with attractive discount in all India.

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