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NEWS FACT: Activists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA] say that elephants performing with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus are being mistreated. Circus officials deny this.

For years, animal activists have campaigned to ban animals from the circus. PETA claims that trainers use whips, bullhooks, and other painful tools to force animals to perform such tricks as riding bicycles, balancing on balls, and jumping through rings of fire.

The circus is no place for elephants, tigers, and other exotic creatures, says PETA spokeperson Pulin Modi. "They are wild animals," he says. "They deserve to be in their natural environment instead of at the end of a chain or in a cage.... Life on the road for them means constant confinement."

Ringling Bros. officials counter that their animals are well-treated. Spokesperson Janice Aria tells JS that "[the animals] get the optimum care--from the vets down to the handlers. They get the best produce, the best hay. They all are bathed and scrubbed every day."

What Do You Think?

Should circus animals be banned?


"The animals could be treated harshly by trainers," says Kathleen Ryan, 12, of Hingham, Massachusetts. The seventh-grader fears that circus officials "may only be thinking of the profits of the circus, instead of the health of the animals."

Twelve-year-old Alex Miller agrees. He too would like to see animal-free circuses. "It is hard on the animals," says the sixth-grader, who is from Georgetown, Kentucky. "They should be allowed to run free in the wild. That's where they belong."


Kathleen's brother, Christopher, 10, says that animals should remain part of the act. "Elephants and lions are fun to watch," says the fifth-grader. "It's fun to see them do tricks. If they're banned, what would happen to them? Would they be put down?"

"The animals make the circus," sags Maddy Valero, 16. The 10th-grader, who recently moved to Massachusetts from California, tells JS that "[the animals] are entertaining. Without them, people wouldn't Ro to the circus anymore. It would just be dull."

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"Ban circus animals?" Junior Scholastic 5 Oct. 2009: 4. Popular Magazines. Web. 14 Mar. 2010.
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