Friday, September 18, 2009

Vacuum Furnace heats and quenches load in same chamber.(Seco/Warwick Introduces 25 Bar Furnace). USA, LLC

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Using helium as quench medium, 25 Bar HPQ(TM) Single Chamber Vacuum Furnace offers process alternative to vacuum furnaces using oil quench, minimizing problems such as disposal of spent quench fluids and requirements of parts washing and post heat treatment machining. Furnace is equipped with optional PreNit[R] and FineCarb[R] advanced LPC vacuum carburizing technology, which accelerates cycle time.

SECO/WARWICK has recently introduced a 25 Bar Single Chamber Vacuum Furnace as a process alternative to vacuum furnaces using an oil quench.

The 25 Bar HPQ(TM) delivers the same hardness properties as an oil quench, and when equipped with optional PreNit[R] and FineCarb[R] advanced LPC vacuum carburizing technology can reduce cycle time up to 50% in certain applications.

For a limited time, SECO/WARWICK is offering free trials in their R & D facility to allow companies interested in the process an opportunity to receive a full metallurgical report for their samples without risk. SECO/WARWICK will provide additional field support for customers investing in this new technology, to assure the system is installed correctly and fined tuned to be in operation quickly and efficiently.

The 25 Bar Furnace

The 25 Bar furnace using Helium as the quench medium, lowers distortion and eliminates parts washing, saving you time and money upstream and downstream of the equipment. The furnace is equipped with PreNit[R] and FineCarb[R] advanced LPC vacuum carburizing technology that has reduced cycle times up to 50% in certain applications . With the single chamber furnace, the load is both heated and quenched in the same chamber saving equipment cost and simplifying the entire operation.

This furnace minimizes many of the problems associated with oil quenching:

o Disposal of spent quench fluids

o The requirement for a washer to clean parts

o Post heat treatment machining required to compensate for part distortion in oil

Reducing cycle times using Helium

Comparison chart of the thermal properties of a variety of common quench mediums

To maximize 25 Bar cooling, helium is used as a process atmosphere. Although more costly than nitrogen or argon, helium's thermal properties allow users to optimize quench hardening.

Due to the high costs associated with Helium as a process gas, recycling systems are available to recover and recycle the helium. Other than price, helium is a relatively easy gas with which to work. There are a large number of choices for supply systems. Helium follows the same installation guidelines (NFPA) as nitrogen.

For technical questions, contact:


Gary Armour, Sales Engineer



Adam Adamek, Sales Manager

+48 (0) 68 382 16 06

The Vacuum Team offers vacuum heat treating furnaces for hardening, tempering, annealing, solution heat treating, brazing, sintering, carburizing, carbonitriding, high vacuum, CVD-graphitizing and degassing. SECO/WARWICK has built some of the largest and technically advanced vacuum furnaces in operation today, developing advanced technologies like Universal HPQ(TM) (High Pressure Quench), PreNit[R] & FineCarb[R] LPC vacuum carburizing, fully automated control systems and modeling software. Vacuum furnace configurations are available for vertical, horizontal and elevator style furnaces. Both cylindrical and rectangular hot zones with metallic or graphite heating elements are available for both new and used equipment. Retech LLC provides vacuum melting equipment.

SECO/WARWICK Worldwide manufactures industrial heat processing equipment including heat treating and brazing furnaces, vacuum furnace technology, atmosphere generators and aluminum reverb melting and holding systems. SECO/WARWICK provides heat treating equipment and services worldwide for customers involved with primary aluminum, aluminum recycling, automotive, aerospace, commercial heat treating, HVAC, electronics, lighting, medical equipment and nuclear applications. The globally integrated organization includes SECO/WARWICK Corp. (USA), Retech Systems LLC (USA), SECO/WARWICK S.A. (Poland), ELTERMA S.A. (Poland), SECO WARWICK Allied Pvt. Ltd. (India) and SECO/WARWICK Industrial Furnace Co. Ltd. (China).

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