Friday, August 6, 2010

Computer Learning


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Over 2,500 upper primary schools in the state will soon have three computers in each school under the Computer Aided Learning Programme (CALP).

Moreover the state government is also planning to provide solar operated batteries or even generators to run these computers in the far-flung areas where schools do not have access to electricity. To ensure the uninterrupted computer education, the schools will also be provided with UPS and power back ups. Many of the schools under the project are in the process of installing computers and from next month all the 2,500 schools in the state will be running CALP.

"Compact discs of science, math, English and social sciences will be provided to the schools under this programme from this session for simplified and innovative learning by the students of class sixth, seventh and eight. They will also be given hands on training on basic knowledge of computers under this programme," an official from education directorate in Bikaner said. All these computers will also be insured at the district-level to avoid losses in case of burglary in stand alone schools in rural areas, he added.

The Rajasthan Education Initiative and Azim Premji Foundation will also closely monitor the programme.

The aim of the CALP programme is not computer education but to make education at upper primary level more interesting with the help of educational CDs and interactive programme. "The external agencies will also monitor and evaluate this programme," an official said.

To make the programme more relevant the teachers are also been trained to develop interactive lessons with the help of CDs and other available resources. "The teachers are being trained by Intel through the 'Teach to the Future Programme' while they are also being trained to develop e-lessons," an official said.

We will keep a close watch on the programme with monthly student turn around reports and the programme is also generating much interest among the external research agencies also as it is the first time that the computerisation programme is being implemented on such a large scale, he added.

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