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Useful tools.(2009 GEAR GUIDE)(Buyers guide). USA, LLC

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An adjustable crescent wrench, a full set of Allen wrenches, blade and Phillips screwdrivers and even a broadhead wrench are fitted neatly into the new Field Tool from Jim Fletcher Archery. The machined aluminum housing for the handy Field Tool is available in either anodized green or black.

Contact: JimFletcherArchery, Dept. PB, (760)379-2589;

Flying Green

Expanding on their Lumenok line, the Burt Coyote Co. has introduced the new Green Signature Lumenoks. The Green Signature Lumenoks feature LEDs that light up when the arrow is shot and remain lit up to 40 hours, aiding in game recovery and the diagnosis of shooting form and equipment problems. Weighing in at 24 grains, the Green Signature Lumenoks will fit most carbon and aluminum arrows.

Contact: Burt Coyote Company, Dept. PB, (309) 358-1602;

At The Ready

Alpine Archery's new Super Duster wind detection system hooks directly to your belt or pack, eliminating the need to fumble and search at critical moments during a stalk. The Super Duster hangs in the down position so the nozzle is always charged and ready, and the powder is dyed green to eliminate a game spooking white puff in low light conditions.

Contact: Alpine Archery, Dept. PB, (208) 746-4717;

Simple Server

BCY took their Bearpaw serving tool to the next level for 2009. The new model sports a redesigned (smaller) entry slot to keep the serving thread from slipping out when tension is lax. The Bearpaw still features smooth stainless steel guide rollers, adjustable tension control and easy payout.

Contact: BCY Bowstring, Dept. PB, (860) 632-7115;

"Green" Target Options

Five target models are available in the Pro Shop Series from Hips Archery Targets--the Field Point, Broadhead, Big Chief, Compact II and Stalker II. All models are completely recyclable and are the first on the market to be labeled "Green Friendly" for the environmentally conscious bowhunter.

Contact: Hips Archery Targets, Dept. PB, (800) 979-0915;

Serious Case

Multiple combinations of bows and firearms can be safely carried in SKB's new Roto Military Standard ATA Double Bow/Bow-Rifle Combo Case. The Roto Military Case is molded from HDPE polyethylene to eliminate weak spots, has a gasketed, watertight seal and a pressure equalization valve to keep your weapons safe in transit. SKB stands by the Roto Military Case with a "Million Mile Lifetime Guaranty" and additional $1,500 content coverage if any gear gets damaged during air travel.

Contact: SKB, Dept. PB, (800) 654-5892;

Handy Bow Hoist

For bowhunters who occasionally make forays into the deer woods with a firearm, Family Tradition Treestands offers the new Archery/Fiream Hoist. The Archery/Firearm Hoist is 20 feet long and designed to quietly (through the use of plastic on all snaps and buckles) and safely hoist your favorite hunting rig into a treestand.

Contact: Family Tradition Treestands, Dept. PB, (517) 543-3926;


To complement their Bowfile bow cases, the folks at Lakewood Products have introduced an Archery Accessory Case that fits perfectly into their bow case. The foam lined Accessory Case will hold all necessary items like broadheads and Allen wrenches and also features a padded exterior and zippered closure.

Contact: Lakewood Products, Dept. PB, (800) 872-8458;

Get Started

Measuring 80 centimeters in diameter and weighing 30 pounds, Rinehart Targets' NASP Target features bright, multi-colored aiming rings designed to make aiming easier for children and adults. Thanks to a built-in stand that removes all metal, it eliminates any chance of scratching a gym floor. Constructed with Rinehart's self-healing foam, the target can withstand shot after shot without tearing or losing its original shape. It also offers easy arrow removal. The NASP Target offers a replaceable insert design that helps extend the life of the target.

Contact: Rinehart Targets, Dept. PB, (608) 757-8153;

Silent And Stylish

For archers looking to spruce up their hunting or target rigs while still maintaining a quiet, shock-and vibration-free shot, Bowjax now offers their popular dampeners in red, pink and blue. Some of the products available in these new colors include the MonsterJax Limb Dampeners and Slip Jax and Max Jax Dampeners.

Contact: Bowjax, Dept. PB, (208) 762-3692;

Easy Ranging

The Dead-On Range Finder from Nordco LLC allows archery hunters to range big-game animals while at full draw. The new ST model attaches to the inside of the sight window and is constructed of vibration damping material. Bright fiber optic pins that can be matched to your sight pins complete the package.

Contact: Nordco LLC, Dept. PB, (406) 544-3076;

Protect Your Meat

Mass Casualty Game Bags from 20Sub3 are built from a lightweight, synthetic hydrophobic material that wicks moisture and helps cool meat quickly. Several styles are offered, including the Core Cooling model that measures 14-by-29 inches (includes two separation straps), the Quartering model that measures 25-by-40 inches (includes a hanging strap) and the Whole Enchilada that measures 36-by-72 inches and features a draw closure.

Contact: 20Sub3, Dept. PB, (800) 688-8442;

String Care

Keep your string in top condition with Winner's Choice Weather Tamer String Care Kit. For 2009, they teamed up with Scent Control Systems, makers of Weatherlock Technology. The Weather Tamer string treatment can be applied to any string using the included cleaning cloths. The products contains new, 21st century ingredients designed to prevent wear while also waterproofing the string and reducing heat absorption. This high-tech application replaces traditional string wax.

Contact: Winner's Choice Bowstrings, Dept. PB, (541) 575-0818;

Dead Center Stop

Implementing their latest technology, Morrell's new Bone Collector Broadhead Target is engineered with a Nucleus Center constructed from super dense rubber and flex back foam for superior arrow stopping abilities. Endorsed by the Bone Collector crew, the broadhead specific target boasts Morrell's EZ-Tote carrying handle and measures 22-by-18-by-10 inches. The target is 100 percent weatherproof and designed to take hits from both mechanical and fixed-blade heads.

Contact: Morrell Targets, Dept. PB, (800) 582-7438;

Compact Workstation

The Parallel Limb Vise from R.S. Bowvise offers a wider EZ-Clamp system for added security and to accommodate most compound bow models. The micro-tune function has been redesigned to provide smooth, precise adjustments. The Limb Vise holds your bow in place and makes it easier to work on your setup. Whether installing a peep or adjusting for center shot, the new Limb Vise is a great addition to your workbench.

Contact: R.S. Bowvise, Dept. PB, (800) 444-9619;

Tiny Tracker

Primos (1) Mini Bloodhunter Flashlights have a special filter that diffuses red light over green to produce the ideal blood-trailing mix. The mixed light enhances the color red, making blood stand out when trailing and tracking. The Mini Blood-hunter Plus Flashlight adds the convenience of a built-in super bright 95 Lumen white LED flashlight.

Contact: Primos Hunting Calls, Dept. PB, (601) 879-9323;

Odor Free Zone

The Hunter X by doesn't mask odor, it eliminates it by breaking down and killing the bacteria that cause odor. Just place the small unit in a closet, shed, or other enclosed space with your soiled, sweaty and stinky clothes for a few hours and you'll be ready to hunt ... scent free!

Contact:, Dept. PB, (888) 889-3671;

Practice Hard

Available in widths ranging from 21-48 inches, SpyderWeb's new Hybrid series features their Modular Anti Arrow Kick System (MAAKS) and woven face technology. Both technologies make the new targets shooter friendly, providing easy arrow removal and superior stopping power. Each target is made to perform in the most extreme shooting and weather conditions.

Contact: SpyderWeb Targets, Dept. PB, (269) 982-8003;

Battlin' Bugs & Scent

Battle bugs and cover your scent with Thermacell's new Earth Scent Refills. Creating a 15 square-foot zone of protection, Thermacell units operate on a single butane cartridge that heats a mat releasing allethrin, a synthetic copy of a natural insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers. The new Earth Scent mats also emit an earthy cover scent to help disguise game-spooking odors. Each Earth Scent mosquito repellent kit includes one butane cartridge and three Earth Scent refill mats.

Contact: Thermacell, Dept. PB, (866) 753-3837;

Compact And Far Reaching

Perfect for impromptu stand setups, the new Hooyman Tree Saw breaks down to just over 12 inches but can extend to five feet when the need to cut hard-to-reach branches arises. A premium, high-carbon MegaBite steel blade, aircraft grade aluminum construction, unique I-beam design and safety lock are all features of the Hooyman Tree Saw.

Contact: Hooyman, Dept. PB, (920) 728-0900;

Ultimate Protection, Value-Priced

The Pillarlock feature on Plano's new All Weather Bow Case provides extra support in the center of the case--right where your sight and rest will be. Other notable features include high-density foam, multiple position tie-downs, Elastomeric arrow storage and rubberized gaskets to keep harmful elements out during travel or storage.

Contact: Plano Molding Company, Dept. PB, (630) 552-3111;

Three Target Sizes

Engineered specifically to stop arrows from today's high-speed bows, Delta Target's Speed Bag series are made to stand up to 300-fps plus bows. Speed Bags are filled with synthetic filler and have a 6.5-ounce replaceable outer shell. This extends the life of the target and provides easy arrow removal. All Speed Bag Targets feature a stitched carrying handle for easy transport and are available in three sizes--Speed Bag Mini (20-by-20-by-8 inches); Speed Bag (24-by-24-by-10 inches); and Speed Bag XL (28-by-28-by-12 inches).

Contact: Delta Targets, Dept. PB, (800) 708-0673;

Extended Use

McKenzie 3D Targets adds 14 new 3-D targets to its Xtreme Series line in 2009. Featuring E-Z Flex foam, pulling arrows is easier than ever on the new Xtreme targets. A replaceable core helps extend the life of your target. If the core gets pounded out and arrows are penetrating deeper than you would like, replace the core and start shooting again. The Xtreme Series is available in a variety of popular game species.

Contact: McKenzie Targets, Dept. PB, (800) 708-0673;

Carry Stands With Ease

GamePlan Gear's new Treestand Transport System is a unique harness designed to make carrying portable stands a breeze. Reinforced stitching, fully adjustable sternum straps and a hip belt all come together on the Treestand Transport System to give archery hunters a quiet, comfortable way to carry their favorite stands. Covered in Realtree AP camo, the Treestand Transport System also sports a universal strap connection system that simply clicks into place on the stands platform.

Contact: GamePlan Gear, Inc. Dept. PB, (877) 544-6611;

Source Citation:"Useful tools.(2009 GEAR GUIDE)(Buyers guide)." Petersen's Bowhunting 20.2 (March-April 2009): 84(3). General OneFile. Gale. Alachua County Library District. 14 Oct. 2009

Gale Document Number:A193356678

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